Will the oversharing ever stop? A Staten Island Criminal Court judge is being transferred from his Stapleton courthouse to Manhattan as punishment for broadcasting "specific details about his personal life" on Facebook — at times while sitting on the bench.

Starting Monday, Judge Matthew A. Sciarrino Jr., 41, will be reassigned to Manhattan because his once-public Facebook profile "included photographs of his children and, at times, blow-by-blow details of his location and schedule," sources told the Staten Island Advance.

Sciarrino — who was known for using a laptop while on the bench — also attempted to add lawyers as friends. "It's just inappropriate," an insider told the Post. "It puts the lawyer in a very uncomfortable position. If you say no, and then you have to appear before him and ask for bail. And if you say yes, that's also awkward."

Though a city Office of Court Administration spokesman declined to comment on the reason for the transfer, a source —- who wisely opted to remain anonymous —- told the paper that, counterintuitively, Sciarrino's frequent status updates prove that he actually was working. "It's all childish. I don't think it was meant to harm anybody. The man was on Facebook 24 hours a day. It you were on Facebook, you saw what he was doing all the time."

After months of public access to his Facebook profile, justice has been served and Sciarrino's profile has been set to private.