It's Geese slaughtering season again, and Staten Island is the latest location to get in on the action. Since 2009, the city has been systematically slaughtering Canada Geese that could potentially interfere with air traffic at airports, but in the beginning, Staten Island wasn't interested in getting any blood on its hands. Now, things have changed.

New data has lead the USDA to say that the borough should be included because it's close to Newark Liberty International Airport. Those geese really need to learn to stick closer to the pond, because the list of people after them continues to grow.

The killings have upset New Yorkers in Brooklyn, and now Staten Island residents are feeling the pain. Barbara Suskind, a 66-year-old who enjoyed seeing the feathered beasts at Willowbrook Park, said, "I am really upset. I go there daily. When I pull into the parking lot, they know my car."

How sad is that quote? Hopefully the Willowbrook Park geese are thinking of Suskind in geese heaven. Or even geese hell, where the ornery ones probably end up.