Oy, looks like Staten Island is the hot place for the virus set these days. Not only was there a rabid kitten running around the island (not to mention some rabid raccoons) but now the first case of the West Nile virus to be reported in the city this year has cropped up there.

Last year there were 11 cases reported in the city, one which led to death. The 67-year-old first victim for 2006 was hospitalized with "classic West Nile symptoms - fever, headache, muscle pain and weakness" on July 24. At first misdiagnosed with viral meningitis which was triggered by the West Nile, he has since been properly treated and sent home and expected to make a full recovery. But officials warn that "there has been significantly more West Nile virus activity on Staten Island this year" and urge people to use repellent, fix your screens and not let water stand. Though no birds or horses have yet shown signs of the virus 76 pools of water tested by the city have turned up positive for the virus, 70 of them on Staten Island. Yikes!

mosquito=terrorist by brainware3000 via Contribute.