Just days after a baby was shot in the face and lost an eye, the Staten Island DA's Office and NYPD will be holding a gun buy-back tomorrow. The buy-back, which is aimed at getting illegal guns off the street, will offer $200 cash for each eligible handgun and $20 for each eligible rifle or shotgun surrendered.

The program, which will be held between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM at St. Philips Baptist Church, 77 Bennett Street in Port Richmond, is funded by District Attorney Daniel Donovan's office, the NYPD and City Councilman Vincent Ignizio, who represents the South Shore Donovan said, "My office has made it a priority to work with the NYPD to take illegal guns off our streets, and to aggressively prosecute those who are arrested with them and those who supply them. But this Saturday we are giving people the opportunity to turn in their guns for cash. We won’t charge you and we won’t ask any questions, not even your name."

Police Commissioner Kelly referenced the 2003 killings of two undercover cops during an illegal buy-and-bust, "Removing illegal guns from our neighborhoods can involve extremely dangerous police work. Tragically, here on Staten Island, Detectives James Nemorin and Rodney Andrews gave their lives when an undercover gun purchase went bad. I urge anyone with an illegal firearm to help make the city safer for both police and Staten Islanders by turning in their gun at Saint Philips Baptist Church this Saturday."

During recent gun buy-backs, the NYPD has collected an Uzi in the Bronx and a loaded Tec 9 in Brooklyn.