A brutal beating on Staten Island last month is being called a bias attack. Police are searching for three suspects who pummeled a 38-year-old Hispanic man with baseball bats. The confrontation began when the victim and a white man (pictured from surveillance video) had a confrontation at a BP Amoco station in Bulls Head around 4:30 a.m. on June 17th, the victim being harassed with what cops call "anti-ethnic remarks." The man yelling the remarks then got into a car with two other white males, who followed the victim, got out of the car and according to a neighbor "were cracking the hell out of him with bats." The neighbor also said he was surprised the victim lived, that there was so much blood he later thought the sidewalk was covered in red paint. Another neighbor told WCBS 2, "It's worse than a regular crime because anyone can be a victim. I can see myself in that situation, just walking down the street to go across to get a doughnut." The victim is recovering after suffering serious head wounds.