Staten Island Ferry Crash; Photo - AFP

A picture of what happened during the terrible tragedy of the Staten Island Ferry ship, the Anthony J. Barberi, crashing into piling near the SI Ferry's piers is starting to emerge. The ship was approaching and missed the piers at a high speed. When the second captain was unable to gain total control of the ship, the ship slammed into a maintenance pier, and then that concrete pier sheared the side of the ship. People fell into the water, girders were torn out, boards were splintered. It's unclear how many were on the boat at the time; officials believe the 3:30 ferry was at full capacity, 1500 passenger. Mayor Bloomberg reported 10 died with many injured. While he did not give any thoughts about what might have caused the crash, he did suggest that the 45 MPH winds may have been a factor.

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Boro 6's Sterling tells us that the incident is like the Malbone subway incident of 1918 where an untrained scab subway engineer fled the scene.

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With SI Ferry service suspended Ferry service has reumed, but here is the latest about how to get to and from Staten Island.