On Saturday afternoon Mayor Bloomberg assured the city that in the event of serious destruction of property by Hurricane Irene, there would be no looting because, "We don't have that sort of thing...That's just not the New York of today." But two Staten Islanders seem to have taken this as a challenge, and set about impersonating Corrections officers for residents on Oceanside and Liberty Avenues, asking them if they planned to evacuate, presumably so they could loot the empty homes, the Post reports.

42-year-old Daniel DiGianni and 28-year-old Linda Fleshner flashed real Corrections badges, and they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for some meddling neighbors who called the police…and the fact that their plan was inherently flawed because why would a Corrections officer knock on your door and ask if you're evacuating? "OK, so you guys aren't in prison? Good, good. Well, eat your vegetables. Oh and are you planning on leaving your belongings here unattended for a certain period of time?"

Both suspects are in custody and have been charged with criminal impersonation and possession of a weapon for the knife that was found on them. We have a feeling they'll be back, hatching a diabolical scheme that involves Parks Department uniforms and a Mister Softee truck.