The father of a 5th grade Staten Island boy was captured on video forcing his son to fight a classmate.

The video, which was posted on Facebook, documents the father urging his progeny to hit another child outside of Staten Island's P.S. 60, repeatedly instructing the 11-year-old to "punch him in the face" and "do it again." Only after the Proud Father's son has successfully wrestled his smaller opponent to the ground does he notify him that "that's enough."

The parentally-mandated squabble apparently went down on May 14, and since that time, child welfare officials have opened an investigation that could result in criminal charges for the unidentified father.

The school's principal also met with both father and son, with the son facing disciplinary action—how unfair is that?

Asked for her take on the incident, Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña said the matter was in the hands of P.S. 60's principal. “Look, we can’t control what every parent does in the city,” she said. “We certainly know what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate, and we certainly don’t think parents should discipline other people’s children or encourage that, and I trust principals totally to handle it in an appropriate manner.”