The groundhog survey says we'll have an early spring. Staten Island Chuck, along with Punxsutawney Phil (pictured above), predicted an early spring. However, Holtsville Hal on Long Island saw his shadow for six more weeks of winter, but we'll assume he just woke up on the wrong side of the burrow this morning. As for today's weather, we'll have another post up about that in a bit.

If anyone went to the Staten Island Zoo for today's Groundhog Day festivities, let us know. And if you didn't, just smile when you think about Chuck taking mass transit. Here is the history of relying on furry animals to predict weather. Remember, the great movie, Groundhog Day, will be playing at Two Boots Pioneer Theater tonight at 7PM.

Photographs of Punxsutawney Phil being treated like the Lion King's Simba by Carolyn Kaster/AP