chuck says he is sorryCharles G. Hogg, VII would like to apologize. As you may recall, Mr. Hogg, better known as Staten Island Chuck, predicted an early end to winter. That prognostication by Gothamist's favorite mass transit-taking Marmota monax, turned out to be wildly inaccurate, as the second half of winter was much colder than normal and the greatest snowfall of the season occurring last week. Chuck told the Staten Island Advance "I want my public, my admiring fans... to know that I truly felt spring in my bones on Feb. 2." He went on to say that he should have paid more attention to his shadow than his bones.

Spring weather, rather than winter, abounds this weekend. The Weather Service and disagree on the chance of rain this afternoon and evening. We're going with the government on this one as a large shield of rain stretching from western Ohio to western New Jersey seems likely to arrive in a few hours.

Judging from the wind shift a cold front passed through town a couple of hours ago. We are likely to see steady temperatures for much of the day as the arriving cool air cancels out any warming we might get from the sun.

The cool air will predominate over the weekend. Highs will be just below the normal of 50 degrees. There's a good chance of showers during the day tomorrow and an even better chance of steady rain tomorrow night. The rain should be gone by Sunday and we'll start warming up again on Monday.