A woman was robbed in her Staten Island home by a man clad in black on Monday morning but authorities do not think it's the Ninja Burglar. A police source told the Staten Island Advance, "There are burglaries committed every day and everybody is wearing black out there."

In the Christmas Eve robbery, a woman, who left her Great Kills home at 5AM, startled the burglar when she returned at 8AM. The burglar, who seemed to have entered through a small window, punched her in the face and then escaped. It's unclear if anything was taken from the ransacked home.

Authorities don't think it was the infamous Ninja Burglar who has robbed at least 18 homes. For one, the Ninja Burglaries have occurred at night. Also, he (the burglar has been described as a white man, about 5'8" and 180 pounds) hasn't robbed in Great Kills before, concentrating on Todt Hill and Grymes Hill instead.

As for the Christmas Eve robber, there's a nickname waiting for him: The victim's brother-in-law told the Post he "must have been Gumby" because the window he entered through was so small.