Around 3:35 a.m., the owner of a Todt Hill mansion heard a noise and found a burglar wearing all black—and a mask and gloves—in his walk-in closet. The Staten Island Advance reports that the burglar took many high-end watches, said, "Get out of my way" and ran past the homeowner who was looking for his gun. Then, "The homeowner went to the front of the house and fired a shot, then to the rear, where he fired two more, basically to make sure the burglar kept on running, the [police] source said." Uh-huh—it's totally got Staten Island Ninja written all over it!

Of course, burglars love targeting the ritzy Todt Hill section of Staten Island and they also do prefer dark colors, and the police said the so-called "Staten Island Ninja" burglaries were really the work of a couple gangs (including an Albanian one). But let's face it, this kind of bold burglary at a home once owned by mobster Paul Castellano is amazing: Per the Advance, "The burglar picked a way of entry that bypassed the house's alarm system sources said, entering through a window into a veranda, then removing a glass sliding door pane, sources said. And he made his way up to the third floor bedroom before being heard, even though the homeowner, his wife, his son and his daughter-in-law were all home, according to sources."

The police source thinks that if the homeowner got to his gun before heading to the closet, "that would have been the end of the Ninja." And according to the Advance, criminals like Todt Hill because of the "massive, affluent houses, separated by plenty of tree cover, with landscapers constantly coming and going."