After revelations that State Senator Pedro Espada Jr.'s non-profit Soundview Health Clinic owed about $347,000 in back taxes, the State Comptroller's office revoked a $3 million payment to Soundview. The Times Union reports that Espada, as the group's CEO, claimed there were no liens, claims or judgments over $15,000 in a document he signed; the Times Union notes, "The document warns those who sign it that an intentionally false statement may be a crime or lead to cancellation of state funding." The company has "two open [NY State] claims from this year, totaling $73,842 for employee withholding taxes, and one open warrant from last June for $88,476 for unemployment taxes" and a $185,000 IRS debt filed in April. Espada was paid over $400,000 for his work as recently as 2007. Related: The NY Times looks at how Espada's lawyer during State Senate negotiations is also a lobbyist.