It takes a lot of work to build the ultimate man cave, especially one housed off a parking garage at Albany's State Capitol by employees of NY State's Office of Government Services. There's upkeep on your card pyramids and the frequent updates to the message on your Lite Brite... it's no wonder that the two state employees who were busted last week for their drug den of board games and pot scales needed so much time to work on their lair that they've racked up a combined $28,400 in overtime over the last five years.

The State Inspector's Office revealed Friday that suspensions had been doled out to state janitorial worker Gary Pivoda and his supervisor Louis Marciano who “routinely clocked in at 4 p.m., got high, then slept” in the government-deemed "man cave." Photos of the cave were supplied by OGS, which the Times Union dubbed "Office of Ganja Services." Pivoda was arrested Friday for dealing marijuana on the job to other state employees—he apparently used his OGS van to make deliveries, too. A spokesman for the Inspector General said, "This kind of behavior won't be tolerated by the state. We went straight to the inspector general when we learned of this behavior." However, it was unclear whether the state knew that Pivoda had a 1992 conviction for burglary when he was hired nine years ago (background checks became mandatory in 2001).

A lawyer for Marciano called his client, "a blue-collar guy, salt of the earth," and added, "They had a break room — just like every other break room in America. Initially, it was a place to get out of the cold. I've got a break room with a refrigerator in it." Still, even Cafe Disco doesn't have pot scales and rolling papers.