Is singing the N.W.A. song "F--- tha Police" the best thing to warble while hanging out a car window on a day when there are tons of police patrolling the highways? That's what Floral Park resident Sara Smith, 21, was doing when a trooper pulled over Smith's friend's car on the Southern State Parkway on July 4. Newsday reports that the trooper was told by other motorists that "Smith [was] hanging out of the passenger window of a car." When he got to the car, he "heard her shouting obscenities about the police." The State Police spokesman said that Smith "asked the trooper if he had ever heard of N.W.A."—ha!—and the trooper replied he hadn't. Then the trooper, who said the driver was "apologetic," issued Smith a summons for "disorderly conduct, including obscene language and gestures."