2008_08_msmith.jpgState Senator Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) may be Senate's minority leader but he's very confident Democrats will take control of the the State Senate. So confident that, per what some lobbyists told the Post, at a golf event for lobbyists, Smith told them to "think of his fund-raising event as being like an IPO, an initial public offering...He said we should get in early because then it doesn't cost as much. The longer you wait to get in, he said, the more it will cost you and if you don't get in at all, then it will be painful after November, after the Democrats win the majority." The Daily News also has an item about these odd remarks, with one lobbyist adding, "I've been here almost 20 years, and I've never heard anyone be as blatant as he was." And now this has opened up the door for the Senate GOP to ask for an investigation.