New York State's only openly gay Senator, Thomas Duane (D-Manhattan), is telling the media that if the Senate votes on a bill to legalize same-sex marriages, it will pass. Duane, who is the bill's primary sponsor, tells Newsday, "Already there are enough votes for it to pass and a cushion." But that view was hotly disputed by other Senators, including Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, who supports gay marriage but refuses to bring the bill to the floor before the legislative session ends on June 22nd unless it's clear there are enough votes to pass it. Smith insists, "I don't have 32 votes that I know of." Senator Frank Padavan (R-Queens) says Duane's "dreaming," and Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., a fierce opponent of same-sex marriage, slammed Duane's prediction, telling the Daily News"It's unprofessional to be playing with people's minds." Governor Paterson, who'll sign the bill if it reaches his desk, is urging the Senate leadership to put the bill to a floor vote, regardless of the vote count. But openly voting on such a divisive issue would take political backbone, so Duane can probably just keep dreaming.