State Senator Carl Kruger, who has enjoyed 16 years representing the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Bergen Beach, Mill Basin, and Midwood, surrendered to federal authorities yesterday, over charges that he, Assemblyman William Boyland (D-Brooklyn), lobbyist Richard Lispky, a real estate developer and a hospital consultant all participated in bribery schemes. The federal complaint detailed how Kruger, accused of taking more than $1 million in bribes, used shell companies to launder the money, and that he was aided by his super close friend, Manhattan gynecologist Michael Turano. You can read between the lines, but the Post decided to just out him, calling Kruger—who voted against gay marriage 2009 and has denied being gay— a "Closeted Brooklyn state Sen[ator]" and referring to Turano as his "live-in boyfriend" and "secret longtime companion."

The complaint (read here) details how Kruger lists his address as his sister's home in Mill Basin, but notes that he lives with Turano, his brother, and his 73-year-old mother Dorothy:

KRUGER's Relationship with the TURANO Family

25. Based on surveillance conducted by other FBI agents and myself~ as well as my review of calls intercepted, pursuant to judicial authorization, on the phone of CARL KRUGER, the defendant, (the "KRUGER Phone") from on or about November 3,
2010, through in or about March 2011, I believe that KRUGER had an intimate relationship with the TURANO family. KRUGER acted and was treated in many ways'- like a member of the TURANO family, and KRUGER effectively functioned as a member of their household. KRUGER regularly spent his time at the TURANO residence, brought breakfast to the TURANO family, had dinner with the TURANOs, and shared holidays with the TURANO family including, for example, Thanksgiving. KRUGER was also directly involved in the affairs of the TURANO family household. Among
other things, interceptions on the KRUGER Phone revealed that:
(1) KRUGER went shopping for the TURANO family, for example, buying light bulbs for the TURANO Residence, travel-sized snacks for them when they traveled, and stockings for the TURANO Mother;
(2) KRUGER helped manage the affairs of the TURANO Residence, for example, directing the installation of security cameras at the TURANO Residence and setting up an appointment regarding the sprinklers at the TURANO Residence; and (3) KRUGER appeared to have a say in decisionof importance at the TURANO Residence, for example speaking with a monument company about what cemetery marker for the TURANO family should look like and telling MICHAEL TURANO that he could not purchase a $15,000 light fixture for the TURANO Residence.

26. Based on my review of calls intercepted on the KRUGER Phone, I believe that, of all t~e TURANOs, CARL KRUGER, the defendant, is closest with MICHAEL TURANO. For example, during the course of the interceptions of the KRUGER Phone, KRUGER was in nearly daily contact with MICHAEL TURANO; KRUGER spoke with MICHAEL TURANO in a manner that revealed that they relied on and supported one another; KRUGER sometimes picked MICHAEL TURANO up from work; and individuals called the KRUGER Phone ,to reach MICHAEL TURANO, including an individual who wanted to talk to "Dr. Turano" about the insurance for a Bentley automobile and an individual from the emergency room at one of the hospitals where TURANO worked.

Light bulbs! Travel-sized snacks! A pricey Bentley lease (what is it with allegedly crooked pols and Bentleys?)! This is how the NY Times—whose headline does say "Secret Life"— describes the relationship, "No one was especially sure of what to make of the senator’s place in the house, which was occupied by two brothers, Michael S. Turano, 49, and Gerard I. Turano, 47, and their mother, Dorothy Turano, 73. Mrs. Turano, who is divorced, often appeared with Mr. Kruger at public events, and some neighbors described the two as a couple. But, it was the oldest son, Michael, to whom Mr. Kruger was closest, and they forged a relationship in which they 'supported and relied on one another,' according to the complaint."

The Daily News says, "A key player was co-defendant Michael Turano, son of Kruger's longtime friend, Dorothy Turano. Michael Turano controlled a shell company, Olympian Strategic Development, that served as Kruger's indirect ATM. The FBI described Turano as Kruger's 'intimate associate.'"

Kruger was the ranking member on the Senate's Finance Committee (was being operative) and is accused of accepting money from Lipsky to oppose efforts that Lipsky's clients opposed. The Times explains, "In 2009, according to the complaint, Mr. Kruger received money from Mr. Lipsky and worked against a bill expanding the reach of state recycling laws, which was opposed by beverage distributors for whom Mr. Lipsky lobbied. When his effort failed and the bill passed, Mr. Kruger introduced a bill to delay the date the new law would go into effect." Another client of Lipsky's is developer Forest City Ratner; while FCR is not named, the complaint does mention how Kruger was trying to help a developer get millions in state funds for various projects.