While yesterday's West Indian Day Parade inspired music and celebration from an estimated 3 million revelers, it also brought out some latent race issues Senator Eric Adams has been holding in. During his speech at the parade yesterday, he praised Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson, whom he called "one-third of the power in the baddest state in the baddest country on the baddest planet." He also accused the New York Times and Albany of racism:

When you look at the press, when you look at The Times and look at The Daily News, they’re talking about ‘throw the bums out’ and the dysfunction in Albany because we’re not functioning the way they used to do business. This is about removing men of color from power. And that’s not going to happen. We’re going to retain the Senate and make sure there’s checks and balances and complexity at the top ranks of state government. That’s why John Sampson will continue to be the leader of the State Senate.

Whether it was or wasn't "the way they used to do business," it seems like that whole four months late budget was more of a group effort. But if Adams can stop the sag, stopping racism in government should be a breeze.