State Senator Hiram Monserrate, who was found guilty of misdemeanor assault for "accidentally" slashing his girlfriend with a broken glass, was sentenced to probation and community service earlier this month. However, his Senate colleagues were harsh in their 55-page assessment of his actions. According to the NY Times, the panel found he "behaved recklessly and callously after his companion was hurt during an argument at his Queens home, failing to call 911, dragging her violently through a hallway and taking her to a hospital miles away."

A draft of the report suggests that Monserrate's decision to take girlfriend Karla Giraldo to a more distant hospital and not call 911 were "acts of political self-preservation." The Post adds, "The draft contains no recommendation on punishment for Monserrate, the source said, but the tough tone suggests the committee could be moving toward a recommendation of expulsion. That decision will be taken by the full Senate."

One of the panel's members, Sen. Andrew Lanza (R-Staten Island), told reporters, "The overwhelming thought and belief is that it is important that we maintain public trust in the Senate as a body and its integrity. This process is a reflection that we take our responsibility very seriously."