A memo outlining a (now failed) power sharing deal! Plots to overthrow the leader! Gays jamming phone lines! The State Senate Democrats are delivering an end-of-the-year bonanza of insanity for all of us good boys and girls! Or maybe it's because we were bad?

Democratic leader Malcolm Smith, who announced earlier this week he was willing to cede control of the Senate to Republicans instead of agreeing to the demands of three dissident Senators (all Democrats), has not been overthrown by other State Senate Democrats—yet. One senator told the Daily Politics' Liz Benjamin, "There is considerable discomfort. People are very upset," but Smith is apparently confident Democrats will still have the majority in the new year.

Liz Benjamin is invoked in a statement from State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., one of the dissident Senators aka "The Gang of Three", apparently upset about an earlier piece she wrote (mentioning how he was upset the gay community was "jamming" his phone lines; it was widely reported that Diaz wanted Smith to promise not to bring up gay marriage during the next legislative session). Diaz, "for the record," claims he told Benjamin, "I am very angry that my office has received phone calls threatening my life and calling the women on my staff 'whores' and 'bitches'."

And CityRoom posted the memo used in discussions between Smith and the Gang of Three; an anonymous source from Smith's office says it was the Gang's wish list...which includes, "It is agreed by Senator Malcolm Smith as the incoming Majority Leader that no action will be taken on legislation supporting same-sex marriage during this legislative session."