NY state Senate candidate David Mejias was arrested last night and charged for stalking and menacing his ex-girlfriend. According to Nassau County police, Mejias, 39, followed his 34-year-old ex-girlfriend in his car, forced her off the road in Matinecock, screamed at her, then chased her when she tried to get away. Mejias was charged with second-degree menacing, second-degree reckless endangerment and third-degree stalking.

Mejias was the first Latino elected to the Nassau County Legislature, where he served for six years. The Democrat is currently challenging incumbent state Sen. Kemp Hannon. Newsday reports that Mejias was to be endorsed Thursday morning by at least one Democratic woman state senator and a group of Long Island pro-choice advocates, but the event was canceled Wednesday night.

This week, a new Quinnipiac poll found that a majority of New Yorkers equate the state Legislature with "wet socks, really big cockroaches and liver," and think that their local state Senator should be voted out of office as part of an overall house-cleaning in Albany. If it's of any comfort to Mejias, even if he is convicted of the charges, he'll still get to keep his pension if he is elected to the Senate.