Mayor Bloomberg and the State Senate (mostly the Democratic majority) have been locked in a bitter war of words over mayoral control of schools—the Mayor can't understand why the State Senate won't vote on the matter, the State Senate can't understand why the Mayor won't make amendments to it. Yesterday, Senators gathered at City Hall, saying, "Mayor Bloomberg hates parents. It's unbelievable how much disdain he has for parents" (Sen. Eric Adams), "There is no end to this debate. It will be ongoing" (Sen. Pedro Espada), and "What we have today is an out of control administration" (Sen. Carl Kruger). Now CityRoom reports, "It seems that the Senate Democrats have struck a deal on school governance with the Bloomberg administration... The Senate plans to approve the same bill the Assembly passed in the spring and will later add some provisions through amendments" including "an arts advisory council and five-borough parent training institute run by the City University of New York," as well as restoring power to district superintendents and requiring schools to hold annual meetings about safety. Of course, the deal could collapse.