The man who took a plunge from the upper decks of the Jones Beach amphitheater last week was discharged from the hospital on Friday, just two days after his nearly fatal fall at the Phish show. The man's name has still not been officially released, but he reportedly jumped from the balcony—as opposed to being shoved, or losing his balance. And this means he's going to face charges.

According to Newsday, police are seeking to charge him for endangering other concertgoers during his stunt (one person was injured by his 25-foot fall). Captain Bruce Marx of the New York State Park Police said, "Imagine you're standing at a concert and a man drops 25 feet onto your head. [The result] could have been a broken neck." Luckily, the incident occurred during an intermission, when many concertgoers had left their seats for restrooms and concessions (or nitrous).

The second-degree reckless endangerment charge is a misdemeanor, and he'll also be charged with disorderly conduct. The arrest warrant and request for extradition are being prepared and will be sent to Maine, where the man resides.

Right after the Jones Beach incident, a man took his own life by jumping from the roof of the stage at a Swell Season concert in California and a British singer died after jumping from the stage at a Belgian music festival. Are concerts getting all Rite of Spring, or should we just blame these incidents on Mercury being in retrograde, brahs?