It is essential that you join your pets in the Afterlife, because wouldn't it suck if some other spirit family started feeding them and changed their name to Biscuit? Not to mention the awkward encounters at the dog run in the sky. So pet lovers should be relieved to know that the state's Cemetery Board has concluded that human ashes may be buried in Westchester's Hartsdale Pet Cemetery. "I feel great," Bronx resident Rhona Levy, who has been fighting to be buried with her dogs and cats, tells the Post. However, the Board did caution that humans still have markedly less chances of getting into Heaven than dogs.

This summer, the state informed Levy and others that going forward, humans would not be allowed to have their remains scattered with their pets in the cemetery, despite the fact that the ashes of 700 people already reside there. But this week's Cemetery Board ruling allows for the practice to continue so long as Hartsdale or any other pet cemetery in the state doesn't advertise or charge for the service. No word on whether humans will be allowed to come back and take another stab at life like their pets do.