2006_01_mayorbstatecity.jpgMayor Bloomberg will be giving his State of the City address today, and he's expected to introduce his "ambitious" second term agenda. Well, given his reelection campaign promises, could we expect anything less? The Bloomberg administration did release some of the initiatives in advance to the media, so here they are, culled from the NY Times and NY Post:
- An accelerated World Trade Center development time table
- New law enforcement and legislative measures to prevent crime
- Partnership with NYU and CUNY ("Partnership for Teaching Excellence") for new teaching training and developing ways to improve high schools
- Decreasing the number of New Yorkers in poverty
- Banning gifts to lobbyists

What's great is that apparently WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein doesn't know anything about what the Mayor will say about the WTC site - you have to love high-level communication! The Mayor will give the speech in Staten Island, which the Post reminds us was a promise to give a State of the City in every borough. Check out Newsday's articles about Bloomberg's record. And we expect that the speech will be webcast at NYC.gov, as well as shown on NY1.