An Upper West Side wildlife rehabilitator has been saddled with 620 tiny turtles, after the Department of Environmental Conservation seized them from a Chinatown warehouse and dumped them on her.

“They didn’t want to euthanize them, so they called me,” Lorri Cramer, who works with the New York Turtle and Tortoise Society, told the Post. “I thought they were giving me 52. And when they got here, they brought 650.”

The turtles—called red-eared sliders—are the most popular pet turtle in the U.S., but are nonetheless illegal to sell or release in New York State. The hatchlings are currently bobbing in several plastic tubs in Cramer's bathroom, and 30 of them have already died. A request for more information on what Cramer does actually plan to do with the remaining tiny turtles was not immediately returned.

The Turtle and Tortoise Society has in the past worked with Buddhist groups to "compassionately release" turtles into natural homes like the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, so perhaps they can be relocated there. They also seem to really like the runway of JFK. See Lorri, there are so many options!