Apparently the liberals in this state aren't too appreciative of Carl Paladino's suggestion that poor people be voluntarily housed in state prisons to work state-sponsored jobs and learn "personal hygiene." And they should be, because according to Paladino, this plan is just like the New Deal! He explains to Buffalo News:

But state Democrats aren't buying the Tea Party favorite's plan, and say it's offensive and condescending to those on welfare. Former city Comptroller Bill Thompson called it"so outrageous and offensive. It shows such a lack of understanding of New York and its people."Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries called Paladino a "political Neanderthal whose ideology seems to be straight out of the Dark Ages, and said "It’s hard for me to believe that the Republican Party continues to take him seriously as a candidate." Well, it looks like the Republicans aren't so big on the idea either.

State Republican Party spokesman Alex Carey said, "It's a very Paladino-esque proposal. It's certainly not something that, as a party, we would get behind." But Paladino's campaign manager said his opponents just can't handle his progressive ideas. "They attack Carl because they fear the change they know is coming." Paladino: He's just like Obama!