The state legislature's attempt to bail out the MTA last year has fallen $400 million short, because tax revenues were considerably less than anticipated. You'll recall that back in May 2009, with Doomsday looming, the legislature passed a $2.26 billion plan to bail out the MTA by way of a big payroll tax and numerous other surcharges, including a 50-cent taxi fee; increased costs for a driver's license; and car-rental, garage-parking and license fees. But revenues have fallen short of projections, and now the MTA faces another budget gap, again. Please be patient.

The Post reports that the payroll tax came in at $321 million under expectations, which were overstated. According to MTA documents obtained by the tabloid, the economy, stupid, was weaker than expected, "which in turn resulted in lower-than-expected tax receipts." Overall, the payroll tax will bring in about $1.34 billion instead of the $1.66 that was projected. Revenue from the DMV tax, the cab tax, and the car-rental tax are also under-performing! As one MTA board member put it, "The riders have done their part with service cuts and fare hikes, but motorists aren't doing their part." Come on all you selfish motorists, do your part and pay more taxes!