Wait a minute—could breaking a six-year record be why state lawmakers have been dragging their feet on approving a budget? The state budget was due on April 1 and, now, it's freaking August 2. The Post reports, "The latest budget ever was approved on Aug. 11 in 2004, and if an agreement isn't reached on the one remaining budget bill this week, the likelihood is that a dismal new record for tardiness will be set, insiders here agree." Go, Albany dysfunction!

A source told the Post, "It's not looking good for a budget agreement this week," said a source close to the governor and the legislative leaders... They all have a different version of reality, whether it's Paterson, [Senate Democratic leader John] Sampson or [Assembly Speaker Sheldon] Silver." Sigh. And the Daily News says that some of the legislators are trying to blame it all on Governor Paterson, with its source claiming the poor budget progress is part of his "record of incompetence."

However, Paterson's side says they're just trying to distract attention away from the State Senate Democrats' inability to muster up the 32 votes (the Democratic conference does have 32 members) to pass a budget. Paterson spokesman said, "John Sampson stood up at a press conference [in late June] and said the budget is done. So why isn't it done then? It's not the governor's fault."