110608ring.jpgTo haters, Starbucks is just an evil corporate monolith that will one day enslave us all in dystopian venti labor camps. But to lovers, like 32-year-old lingerie designer Lenny Tawil, it's as romantic as a night at Niagara Falls. So yesterday he chose a Coney Island Starbucks to pop the question to his girlfriend, 23-year-old Cynthia Harari. The Daily News was on the scene, presumably at the prompting of manager Liz Fagundo, who must have impressed the suits in corporate with this one. Tawil knew his girlfriend drove through that Starbucks every day around noon; when she pulled up to order her daily foamy macchiato, the barista gave her an empty cup with a jewelry case in it. That's when Tawil emerged and asked her to marry him, and she said yes. As always, we turn to the Daily News commenters for perspective: "Awwww what a great story. It's so nice to start a morning off by hearing happy news instead of the depressing stories in the paper everyday!" That's you, isn't it Howard Schultz?