Were you the anonymous bidder who got the model of the Starship Enterprise at the Christie's auction? It's okay - your $576,000 secret is safe with us. The auction brought in double what Christie's had expected, with certain items going for well over than what was previously estimated. For instance, Captain Jean-Luc Picard's chair sold for $52,000 (original estimate $9,000). The entire sale brought in over $7.1 million, proving that Star Trek fans still rule the sci-fi/fantasy world -- that is until Peter Jackson decides to auction off bits of the Lord of the Rings lot.

What we find awesome about the auction is that some Christie's employee were in Star Trek gear - how come they don't wear berets during Impressionist art sales? And did you realize the History Channel had been streaming the auction live? Crazy!

Photograph of the Starship Enterprise D at Christies' by Jeff Christensen/AP