Thank goodness - the ticket issued to two men standing near a "No Standing or Stopping - Fire Zone" sign, the kind of sign you associate with vehicles, was dismissed. The Daily News, which reported on this insanity yesterday, says that when he heard the story, Mayor Bloomberg laughed and said, "It boggles the mind...I'll talk to the Parks Department. Let's say the matter is under investigation." Then the ticket was dismissed, with the Parks Department admitting, after it had originally said the sign was meant for pedestrians, "The section of Hudson River Park where the incident occurred is designed for public use, and the summonses were issued inappropriately. The initial report that the 'No Standing' signs were for pedestrians was incorrect." When Gothamist was watching hte local WNBC morning news team reported the reversal, one anchor said the officer who issued the ticket was probably going to get a hard time from his fellow officers. Well, no kidding! It's totally wacky that the Parks Department did think the sign was for people - it's nuttier than a Giuliani-era jaywalking ticket!

Photograph from the Daily News