In case you're still using regular mail, it should be noted that postage rates are going up tomorrow. The new rates for a first class letter go up 2¢ to 39¢. Earlier in the week, Gothamist went to the post office as we ran out of 37¢ stamps. Looking to by 5 more to get us through the week, we were told they weren't selling them anymore! Alas, we waisted about 10¢ by using the new stamps. For shame, for shame.

The Times is reporting that the increase is coming as a shock and surprise to many people. The reason for the increase is a Congressional requirement for the USPS to have $3 billion in an escrow account. So despite having a $1.4 billion profit last year, rates have to go up.

Also, if you're buying 2¢ stamps, be sure not to buy too many. Unless you've been hoarding stamps, you probably won't need too many 2¢ stamps. Remember $5 of 2¢ stamps is a whole lot of stamps! Oh and rates might go up again next year because of that same requirement by Congress.

Photo by Tien Mao