ozone_3pm0525.jpgIck. The National Weather Service has issued an Air Stagnation Advisory for the city and points northward. The advisory, which is in effect from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., is in response to high ozone levels. Ozone in the stratosphere is great for blocking skin-damaging ultraviolet radiation, but it can damage lungs and get into our bloodstream when close to the ground.

When ozone levels are high it is best to limit strenuous outdoor activity. Those most at risk include babies and toddlers, whose lungs haven't fully developed, as well as anyone with asthma or heart disease. Take it easy out there!

Today is a good day to relax for other reasons. It's going to be hot. The maximum temperature this afternoon is going to be close to 90 degrees as the high pressure system that's been the source of our nice weather moves a bit eastward. Central Park's record of 95 degrees is probably safe, but other nearby locations, like Newark, may hit new record highs.

The holiday weekend is looking pretty good. The chance of showers we mentioned earlier have largely disappeared. There's a slight chance of rain Sunday afternoon and Monday, but they are likely to be isolated rather than widespread. Tomorrow will be a few degrees cooler than today, and Sunday's high will only be around 80. Warm weather continues on Memorial Day.

Ozone concentration map (orange = bad) for this afternoon from the National Weather Service.