2005_06_yankeenewstad.jpgExcept, that is, for the Jets!

The Yankees reveal plans for the new Yankee Stadium today, and we can't help but wonder if George Steinbrenner is annoyed that the Mets are getting a lot of attention for being part of the city's last-ditch ammended 2012 Olympics bid. The Yankees will be recreating the old stadium in the new redesign, including features that were destroyed when the current stadium was renovated in 1976. Georgie Boy will pay for the $800 million stadium himself, but the city and state will pay for infrastructure around the area, including parking garages, a waterfront park, and a new sports fields. The new stadium will have fewer seats, following a recent trend in new sports stadiums, in order to create more high-profit luxury boxes. And luckily, the old stadium't be just a parking structure; from what we've heard, the old stadium will be used for high school games and may even have a hotel and conference center. Gothamist envisions a lot of corporate retreats in the Bronx!

And on the West Side-Shea stadium antics of the past months and weeks, the Village Voice and NY Observer have some interesting looks at the wrangling and politics. For instance, is Queens a better location than Manhattan for the Games?