phpHpsvt8PM.jpgWhoa, Nelly! The neighborhood name game continues as The Brooklyn Paper reports residents of a seven-square-block micro-neighborhood south of Prospect Park are rallying, and possibly succeeding, to rename their community "Stable Brooklyn" (as in: horses). Councilman Bill DeBlasio supports these residents, who reportedly want to "restrict the size of new buildings in the area bounded by Caton Avenue, Prospect Expressway, Coney Island Avenue and Ocean Parkway"—but not everyone is on board, even though the paper notes that "The Department of City Planning also uttered the name in recent documents about a proposed rezoning of an area that many residents know as Kensington." Some real estate agents chimed in (of course) saying it made the neighborhood sound "messy," and the CB7 district manager declared: "You can’t call one block this neighborhood and the next block another neighborhood without someone taking offense." But the Stable Brooklyn Community Group have been at this for 3 years and show no signs of stopping.