2006_06_iloveny.jpgSubway stabbing victim Christopher McCarthy was released from St. Luke' s Roosevelt Hospital yesterday. After Kenny Alexis stabbed him in the chest while on a downtown C train last Tuesday, McCarthy was initially given a 25 percent chance of surviving. But yesterday he was able to address reporters before heading home to Texas.

"When you get to New York, you know, it's a beautiful place," Mr. McCarthy said. "When you first get here and really see the city. That's why everyone has the 'I Love New York' shirts. It's true."
"Everyone has their stereotypes of being cold and heartless," Mr. McCarthy said. "I've only felt warm feelings from everyone."

Well, that makes sense because New York is the world's most polite city! When McCarthy and his girlfriend return, he will take the NYPD up on their offer of an escort to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They were also planning on heading to other NYC tourist must-sees: The American Museum of Natural History, the Staten Island Ferry, and Gray's Papaya.

Alexis was indicted on four counts of murder after his serial stabbing spree.