The 22-year-old woman who was arrested and charged with attempted murder for stabbing her boyfriend with a kitchen knife last month told police that her boyfriend actually had attempted suicide-by-girlfriend. After the stabbing on May 11, Yekaterina Pusepa told police that boyfriend Alec Katsnelson had stabbed himself in the chest, by pushing himself onto the butter knife she was holding. “Then he started screaming that he hates me and wants to end his life,” she told police, according to court records. “Then he grabbed my hand with the knife in it and stabbed himself in the chest and fell on the floor.”

Pusepa has been indicted on attempted murder and assault charges, and faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted. She told cops the two had gotten into an argument that night; she grabbed the butter knife because the couple had fought before, and she was afraid he would become violent. After coming out of surgery, Katsnelson told police she had attacked him with two knives and stabbed him as he tried to flee the apartment.

In March, Katsnelson had been charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly pushing Pusepa down a flight of stairs during a coke-fueled fight. Pusepa refused a restraining order against him at the time. Katsnelson's mother, Lena, denied that version of the story—she said her son had tried to kick Pusepa out because of her drug problems, but he ended up spending a weekend in jail because "she had some bruises on her arms from the fight."

Pusepa reiterated in her statement that Katsnelson was suicidal: “He always says stuff like he’s going to jump off the balcony and he wants to end his life, but I never thought he’d do it,” she told the officers. Nevertheless, neighbors think the two will work it out though: “They’ll be back together, I guarantee it. He’s going to forgive her, I just know it.”