Yesterday morning, police arrested a homeless man for three separate stabbing incidents on Tuesday afternoon and early Wednesday morning. Four cabbies who witnessed Kenny Alexis stab two women near the Times Square W Hotel called 911 and followed him until police apprehended him at a McDonald's. Alexis's brushes with the law started before the first stabbing on a downtown C train - he was stopped by the police are trying to enter the 42nd Street and 8th Avenue subway without paying, but since he didn't have a record, the police just issued him a summons. The NY Times has a map and timeline of Alexis's actions.

2006_06_stabvics.jpgAlexis's victims are all recovering at area hospitals. Christopher McCarthy, the tourist from Texas who was stabbed on the C train, has forgiven Alexis, in spite of having a three-inch knife miss his heart (the knife did, however, damage the right side of the heart). According to the Daily News, McCarthy and girlfriend Ganda Krisananuwatara "had strolled through the Guggenheim Museum and wanted to take a spin through Central Park when they accidentally got on an uptown D train that ran express to 125th St." At 125th, they took the downtown C, where Alexis approached McCarthy. McCarthy's father said his son avoided Alexis's gaze.

In the 3AM Rockefeller Center downtown F platform stabbing, Alexis approached Ambrosio Castro for his cellphone. According to Police Commissioner Kelly, when the victim didn't respond, Alexis stabbed him twice, once in the stomach and once in the chest. Like the victim in the C train attack, the victim on the F train platform initially thought he had been punched." A half hour later, Alexis was harassing employees at a deli on Broadway, only to later stab Canadian students Melanie Carrier and Audrey Perrier in the back on a traffic island at Duffy Square in Times Square (where the TKTS booth is). Cabbies helped the two women get help at the Times Square W Hotel and called the police.

Alexis's psychiatric history is now under investigation - it seems that he had been at Wards Island, but the Post says it's unclear why he was released. Commissioner Kelly made sure to remind everyone, "While it comes as little solace to the victims of such horrific attacks, the fact remains that the subway system has never been safer."