A woman arrested for stabbing her two nieces while babysitting them at her sister's home is a recluse who doesn't appear to be self-sufficient, according to her neighbors. One told the Post, "I remember [her parents] planting her garden when she first moved in, which I thought a bit strange, like she needed the help or something." Yet Lisa Turkki's sister, Ava Kelly, thought her fit enough to watch her nieces while she and her husband were at a Dr. John concert in Katonah, NY on Saturday night.

Police say they responded to a 911 called placed by Turkki, and when they arrived she was standing in the driveway, unarmed. The girls, 7 and 9, were found with multiple stab wounds, but Bedford Police Lt. Jeff Dickan said, "The children did, um, speak with officers at the scene. They were conscious."

The Kellys live across the street from the Martha Stewart estate and down the road from Ralph Lauren, in what Dickan calls "usually a very quiet area." The girls are currently in stable condition at Westchester Medical Center.