The 44-year-old man who was driving the SUV that flipped over and killed 13-year-old Kira Goddard in Brooklyn Saturday night spent a total of four years in state prison for robbery and drug dealing. Sean Lewis, 44, was stabbed in the torso prior to striking three parked vehicles and backing his Range Rover into another, sending the car tumbling over the curb and fatally pinning her against her building. Lewis, who had at least 10 children (reports vary from 10 to 11), died in the hospital, where authorities discovered he'd been stabbed. "He was a real family man," his 24-year-old son Sean Norman tells the Post, "I'm mourning my father and also that innocent little girl. Neither of them deserved to die."

Norman claims that he's unsure of why his father, a former construction worker, was stabbed: "He didn't have any problems with anyone…We need to find out who stabbed my father. He is the one responsible for these deaths." However the Times talks to a Staten Island woman who is mother to three of Lewis' children, and "she had heard that Mr. Lewis was trying to get repaid for a loan on Saturday night." Lewis' girlfriend told the paper, "He wasn't a street dude, fighting and arguing with all types of people."

Lewis, who either lived in Bed-Stuy or Harlem, depending on what you read, apparently grew up on the same street as Goddard, and had friends in the area that he visited frequently. A neighbor tells the Post that "Lewis had a longstanding feud with a neighbor," and the two "had been arguing over money the past couple of weeks. Lewis reportedly had 9 prior arrests, including for felony assault and distribution of a controlled substance. He spent 2 years in prison in 1992 for robbery, and another two four years later for the drug charge.

Goddard, who saved the lives of her 5 friends and sister by herding them into her building as Lewis' SUV barreled towards them, continues to be mourned. "She told us to run for our lives, and she didn't get a chance to run for hers," a friend said. Kira's mother adds, "She was 13 but she thought she was a mother to the other kids…A part of me is gone."