Even with another $6 million bail-out from the state and lenders, the prognosis for St. Vincent’s is not sunny. This week the hospital—which is $700 million in debt and losing more—laid off over 300 employees including 32 doctors. A 38-year-old technician and air-conditioning engineer who’d worked at the hospital for 18 months, was one of the unlucky set. “They gave me a letter,” he told the NY Times, adding that he felt sorry not only for himself, but because “there’s a lot of history here.” In a statement, the vice-chair of the board of directors, said that those losing their jobs “have done absolutely nothing wrong.”

The hospital is also issuing pay cuts effective for 120 days. Non-union employees are bearing the brunt of the facility’s financial sickness—all of their salaries have been reduced by twenty percent or a quarter. Some of those who had their pay checks slashed pledged their continuing support for the institution: "I'm willing to give a pay cut if that's what it's going to take to keep this place going. But I also think that people have to step up and help us out, please," one St. Vincent’s employee told NY1. Union workers are voting on whether to take smaller pay cuts of 10 to 15 percent, but so far are unaffected.