After getting a $6 million bail-out from the state—enough to hold it over until it had made “a decision about whether to file for bankruptcy"—St. Vincent’s hospital is slowing to a stop. It’s used the loan to settle employees’ salaries and other costs, but the conversation at a meeting on Friday suggested that there’s not enough to make it into next week. To buy more time, the Greenwich Village landmark facility would need $20 million, so one by one its eliminating its programs and services.

The first to go have been St. Vincent’s outpatient HIV and mental health programs, which have stopped admitting patients. With low hopes of digging up more money, its emergency room is still open, but barely—it’s told the fire department to start rerouting ambulances to other facilities. Next, it will start handing its patients off to other area hospitals, reports the NY Times. Mayor Bloomberg gave it six months to live.

Cash-wise, St. Vincent’s has few places left to turn. Continuum Health Services was ready and waiting to take over its $700 million debt, but has since withdrawn its offer, partly because local politicians poo-pooed its plan to get rid of inpatient services and scale back the hospital's emergency room. It’s unlikely that Gov. Paterson will sink more money into the dying hospital either. Attendees of the meeting were getting creative: someone even suggested asking Homeland Security for money, since the hospital treated scores of the injured after 9/11. “There is no getting around it — the situation for St. Vincent’s Hospital is critical, and we are all extremely concerned,” said Rep. Jerrold Nadler in a statement after.