After laying off 180 employees in December, St. Vincent's Hospital in the West Village may be in even further danger of closing. The Post reports today that Continuum Health Services—which operates Beth Israel, St. Luke's and Roosevelt Hospital—has proposed a plan to take over St. Vincent's. GE Capital and TD Bank hold $300 million of the hospital's current $700 million debt, and both allegedly support the Continuum takeover. But the new ownership would come at a considerable cost to hospital care.

If the plan goes through, all acute care units, including inpatient care and surgical services, would be closed within two to three months. Trauma and emergency services would also be extremely scaled back, leaving St. Vincent's available for ambulatory care, outpatient services, and not much else. St. Vincent's surgeon Dr. Michael Wayne told NY1 "There were over 20,000 surgeries performed here last year, so that's a large volume to assume anywhere." The loss of St. Vincent's would mean the closest hospitals for West Village residents would either be Beth Israel, NYU or Bellvue, all on the east side. District 29 Sen. Tom Duane told the Post "I got to make calls to save them."

The 160-year-old hospital is the last remaining Catholic hospital in the city. Just last year, St. Vincent's got approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission to proceed with a $1.6 billion modernization project, which would include tearing down the O'Toole building and replacing it with a new hospital and residential towers. That controversial development would almost certainly be abandoned in any Continuum takeover.