2008_10_priest.jpgA chaplain at St. John's University was arraigned yesterday for sending homemade masturbation movies to someone he thought was a 13-year-old boy. It turned out that Father Charles Plock was actually e-mailing a Colorado sheriff the videos in which his face is clearly visible and which appear to have been shot on campus. Plock also serves on the board for Covenant House, the nonprofit organization that shelters runaway teens. One teenage freshman at St. John's called Plock "way too cool to be a priest" while another said to the Daily News, "Father Charlie? No way! He was a pretty all right guy." As he left the Queens courthouse where he appeared yesterday, a crowd heckled Plock shouting "Shame on you!" and "Pedophile!" The $15,000 needed for a bond to have Plock released to psychiatric facility was put up by fellow priests at St. John's.