2006_03_thefalls.jpgPolice believe that Imette St. Guillen, the John Jay College graduate student who was murdered last Saturday, was probably targeted by a stranger. After confirming that St. Guillen was last at The Falls, a restaurant and bar on Lafayette Street just south of Spring (near the Andre Balazs Kenmare Square development, across the street from La Esquina) where she headed after the Pioneer Bar, witnesses say she left the restaurant alone. The current theory: A fake livery driver picked up St. Guillen around 4AM - especially considering how easy it seems to be to pose as a livery driver (just a few weeks ago a woman was assaulted by someone she thought was a livery driver). People in SoHo were surprised, with one resident told WABC: "It's surprising that this is something that happened in this part. Down Bowery and down Canal it gets sketchy." Well, unfortunately anything goes - just because a neighborhood is gentrified doesn't mean there isn't crime. Criminologists and experts have been weighing on all media outfits on the grisliness of the murder - and what it means about the killer - here's one look.

The NY Times put together a graphic of the last moments, under a map, and looks at the difficulties of trying to figure out what happened between the last sighting of St. Guillen and when her body was found. The press is also fixated on the weird coincidence that an owner of The Falls also owned Upper East Side bar, Dorrian's Red Hand, where Jennifer Levin met Roberts Chambers - and later died in the "Preppy Murder." John Jay College of Criminal Justice announced a scholarship would be created in St. Guillen's memory. The Daily News has a story about how St. Guillen's murder is reminiscent of Ramona Moore's brutal murder, and spoke to Moore's mother during that murder trial, plus another about Fountain Avenue's strange history. And today would have been St. Guillen's 25th birthday.