Yesterday, defense lawyers for Darryl Littlejohn, a bar bouncer accused of murdering a John Jay College student in 2006, rested their case. Yesterday, those lawyers put two police detectives on the stand: One said that while numerous items were taken from Littlejohn's Queens apartment, none "were ever linked to [murder victim Imette] St. Guillen and DNA testing failed to yield a match," while the other said that few items from the bar where Littlejohn worked— and where St. Guillen was last scene—were taken as evidence. Littlejohn's defense has suggested that the police should have paid more attention to bar owner Danny Dorrian. Littlejohn has already been convicted and sentenced to 25 years in the kidnapping of a Queens woman in 2005; he is also suspected in a kidnapping and rape that is very similar to St. Guillen's attack. Closing arguments are expected today and the jury will likely get the case shortly afterward.