Terrifying! There are reportedly tiny, pink, hairless rodents falling out of their nests and, lucky for them, into the hands of rescuers.

The Daily News reports that the number of baby squirrels in town has grown, and Sean Casey at Animal Rescue in Windsor Terrace says it's because "The warmer climate is allowing squirrels to breed later into the season, and so they have more babies. That's probably what's been causing the influx." In August his group saw a squirrel a day coming in, but for now that number is down to about 3 a month.

Casey finds the fallen animals (some of which have spinal injuries when taken in), cares for them and eventually frees them into the wild (er, city parks). Before you get any ideas, he also warns they would make "horrible pets."

Meanwhile, on Staten Island, there's been a black squirrel boom — the locals there note: "People tend to react to black squirrels, though, and may treat them differently because of their cuteness."