091508rudy.jpgBoard up your windshields and lock yourself in the trunk: The squeegee men—those Giuliani-era poster boys for quality-of-life crime—are making a comeback according to the Post, which has an alarming article about the "pests." Of which there are four. But be afraid! They're congregating near the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, and a Hells Kitchen elevator manager tells the tabloid, "They get very aggressive. I was like, 'Dude, don't even think about it!'" The Post finds business booming, even though police have arrested several squeegee men at the location. But at least one of them is still haunted by Giuliani's crackdown (which actually began under NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly during the Dinkins administration); he implored the reporter not to publish the article because "Giuliani will lock my ass up. There will be 30 cops up and down this street."